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Violins-a selection from our range

We have curated a range of violins encompassing various qualities and classes for your persual.Please feel free to browse through the photos and audio samples provided. High-resolution pictures and videos will give you a perfect first impression.

Price category and manufacturer of the violins.

4/4 Violine Set 750 €

Violin with a beautiful sound. Ebony pegs and fingerboard. Deeply flamed. Varnish dark brown/red.
Violin bow for students, Manilkara kauki wood: ebony frog with Parisian eye.

4/4 German violin set 1950 €

A beautiful instrument finished in Germany for entry into the world of up-and-comers.
Nickel silver bow from Brasil wood with stamp H.Gill
Violin case made from renewable natural fibres. Water resistant cover material. Interior lining made of high-quality 100% cotton velvet.

4/4 German violin set 3000 €

The violin in this set is from the “Johann Wurm” workshop.
The violin maker made and varnished the violin by hand. As the illustrations show, he used a beautifully flamed two-piece maple back, sides and scroll. The top has beautiful straight-line growth rings. The yellow-brown-orange oil varnish completes the picture. The instrument is characterized by a clear, bright, well-sustaining sound.

Violin bow: stamped “Dörfler”, better brazilwood, ebony frog with gusset, octagonal stick, metal blanc winding.

Case: J.Winter lightweight case Comfortable back padding, large sheet music pocket.

Geige Schuster & Co

Resonant old violin, Schuster & Co., Markneukirchen.

This violin, which was made around 1931 and bears a label from the well-known Markneukirchen-based company, comes from the traditional Schuster & Co. Its model is based on Stradivarius. The golden-brown varnish over a light background emphasizes the strong flames of the two-piece maple back. The violin is in good condition with traces on the varnish that indicate an instrument that was often played. The instrument has no damage worth mentioning and has been overhauled by us.

Played by Mr.Christoph Henschel.

French violin, Grand Prix Paris 1931

This French violin was made around 1920 by an unknown hand, probably in Mirecourt. This French violin, with its fine visual appearance as well as its excellent musical properties, proves that even instruments without an indication of origin from the famous French violin-making town were of high quality.

Two slips of paper are glued into the instrument:

Januarius Gagliano filius
Alexandri fecit Neap 1770

with a handwritten note “Copie d’apres” – the violin maker wanted to document that the model was based on this master.

The second note is :
Grand Prix Paris 1931
This is how the instruments and works of art presented at this colonial exhibition in Paris were labeled.

The violin is sized between 4/4 and 7/8. This guarantees relaxed playing. But the sound is full and powerful. The finely flamed maple is clearly visible through the transparent red-brown varnish. The instrument is in very good condition with overhauled playing technique.

Played by Mr.Christoph Henschel.

Workshop work 2023

Work in the workshop means that an instrument was made by hand/with machine assistance All work on this instrument that we consider important for its sound was carried out by us. The violin is hand-varnished.

Sacconi Copy

This violin was made anonymously by a violin maker. A beautiful masterpiece that is very much the work of Fernando Simone Sacconi (May 30, 1895 in Rome, †June 26, 1973 in Point Lookout).

Violin with label "Johann Wurm"

Violine with label „Johann Wurm Lohr am Main“

The music store in Lohr am Main was closed around 1970. It can therefore be assumed that the violin was made around 1970.

Violin with label "Michael Reindl in Mittenwald "

The violin with the label “Michael Reindl in Mittenwald an der Isar 1934″ is a work by the aforementioned master. There is a certificate for this instrument from Mr. Hieronymus Köstler, Stuttgart, issued in 2012.
Michael Reindl was born in Mittenwald in 1898 and died in 1949. He worked on various models such as Stradivari, Guarneri and Stainer.

Audio sample violin with label „Michael Reindl in Mittenwald“

Violin with label „G.A. Chanot “

This violin is an English violin, probably from the Chanot workshop. The violin has been played a lot for many years and the sound has developed excellently. As can be clearly seen in the audio sample, the instrument has a clear, balanced sound that blends very well with other instruments.

Master violin by Marion Michael 2012

This violin was handmade by Marion Michael.
This is documented by the brand stamp: “Marion Michael Munich 2012”
The wood used comes from the Mittenwald region.
The hazel-spruce top consists of two parts, with even, fine annual rings. The entire sycamore maple floor is cut into rind. The scroll and sides are also made of flamed sycamore maple.
The honey-brown varnish comes from our own production and is applied by hand.
A certificate has been issued for this instrument.

Master violin by Marion Michael, 2017

This violin is handmade by Marion Michael.
You will find the label inside:

„Marion Michael Geigenbaumeisterin”
München 2017 Nr. 10 M.M.“,

with a brandstamp „Marion Michael München“.

The wood used comes from the Mittenwald region.
The spruce top consists of two parts, with even, fine annual rings. The two-piece back, scroll and sides are made of sycamore maple with many fine flames.
The honey-light brown varnish comes from our own production and is applied by hand.
A certificate is issued with the instrument.

Luigi Montevecchi in Cesena ca. 1910-1920

This violin is an Italian work made by Luigi Montevecchi in Cesena. Back: two-piece, made from a beautifully flamed maple. Top: two-piece, made of wood with distinctive years with expert opinion from master violin maker Hieronymus Köstler in Stuttgart.

Master violin by Marion Michael, 2021

Violin with label „Hans Klotz“

The violin with label and brand stamp by Hans Klotz, Stuttgart 1956, is a very fine work by the aforementioned master.
Hans Klotz was born on October 6, 1905 in Mittenwald and completed his training at the Mittenwald violin making schoo He worked for Dr. Eugen Gärtner in Stuttgart and went into business for himself in 1936.
Hans Klotz made this violin for a professional musician/teacher. Written documents about the making of the instrument still exist.

Violin wih label "Leonhard Maussiell "

The violin shown below is a work by Leonhard Maussiell, made in Nuremberg in 1724. There is a branded “M” under the note.

In the books it is written about L. Maussiell that he did his apprenticeship with Matthias Maussiell in Augsburg. His wanderings took him to Tyrol and Italy. The high arched instrument is typical of his work.

The old, well-aged sound has character and color.