Our Partners and Friends

In our History – we established many friendships with exquisite an very fine Artists, Violin-Schools and other Professionals.:

Vlad Popa

Learn violin with Vlad Popa

Link zur Homepage: www.violinschool.de
Email: vladvalentinpopa@yahoo.com
Auf Facebook: Vlad Popa Violin Studio

Natasha Lipkina

Violin lessons in German, English, Russian, and French. Natasha Lipkina has trained at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow and Indiana University Bloomington. With 20 years performance amd teaching experience. 

E-mail: nlipkina@hotmail.com
Tel: +49 171 815 4686
WhatsApp: +1 917 4148421

Learn to play violin online

Violin lessons with Antoine Morales

Link to Homepage: Geige Lernen Online

Musik Schule Ismaning (Violin School)

Link to Homepage: www.musikschule-ismaning.de
Email: info@musikschule-ismaning.de

Tilas Musikwelt (Violin School)

Link to Homepage: www.tilasmusikwelt.de
Email: info@tilasmusikwelt.de
On Facebook: Tilas Musikwelt

Puchheim Youth Chamber Orchestra

Link to Homepage: www.pjko.info

Organisation PJKO

Ursula Bischof