Our Partners and Friens

In our History – we established many friendships with exquisite an very fine Artists, Violin-Schools and other Professionals.:

Our international contacts we like to introduce with best regards

Vlad Popa (Violin School)

Link to Homepage: www.violinschool.de
Email: vladvalentinpopa@yahoo.com
On Facebook: Vlad Popa Violin Studio

Musik Schule Ismaning (Violin School)

Link to Homepage: www.musikschule-ismaning.de
Email: info@musikschule-ismaning.de

Tilas Musikwelt (Violin School)

Link to Homepage: www.tilasmusikwelt.de
Email: info@tilasmusikwelt.de
On Facebook: Tilas Musikwelt

Puchheim Youth Chamber Orchestra

Link to Homepage: www.pjko.info

Organisation PJKO

Ursula Bischof