What we offer

Whether you are looking for a new violin or and old one; whether you wish to buy or rent; whether you seek an inexpensive beginner’s instrument or one for highest professional demands: you will find it here.

In addition to different kinds of instruments, we offer an extensive range of accessories and bows as well as fine craftsmanship in repairs and restorations.


For sale

Your instrument needs to fit your individual notions so you will enjoy playing it.
Therefore we offer new, old and baroque instruments in a large range of prices and sizes. The violins we build are highly appreciated both nationally and internationally.

To judge our violins’ qualities, you can try and play them in our music chamber in an atmosphere of beauty and quiet.

French, Italian, German instruments; new and old

Children’s instruments of all sizes
So the joy of playing the violin is not to suffer from an instrument of the wrong size, we try to provide the standard children’s sizes at all times: 7/8, ¾, ½, ¼, 1/8, 1/16.
Since children tend to outgrow their instruments quickly, we offer violins for rent that can be exchanged for a different size when needed.

Newly built instruments

We build string instruments of fine traditional craftsmanship, combining more than 70 years of experience by two generations of master violin makers/luthiers in Munich.
Whether you go for the standard mountain maple or wish for something special like bird’s eye maple, our top priority is always with sound quality.

And because of that, our instruments have been sold to places as far as the U.S. and Canada.
We produce our own varnishes from all natural materials, specially adapted to the woods used.

With our violins we regularly participate in Münchner Geigentagen [LINK], a convention for violin makers and bow makers that takes place every three years; there newly built instruments are shown as well as played by reknown musicians in concerts.

Old instruments

Baroque instruments

To rent


An instrument wants to be played, so no matter how careful you are: sometimes a crosspiece will break, a temper pin won’t work properly, or your violin just won’t sound as it used to.
In our workshop, we offer professional advice and repairs of fine craftsmanship for both students’ and professional instruments.

Bows & Accessories

As second generation master violin makers, we concentrate on our art: to build instruments of fine traditional craftsmanship.

Yet you need more than that to play a violin, viola, cello or double bass, so at our shop we sell everything except sheet music.

Bows: e. g. standard bows made from Brazil wood, higher qualities like Pernambuco, carbon-fibre bows, silver bows, gold bows etc.
Before purchasing a bow, play your instrument with it in the quiet atmosphere of our music chamber.

Storage and carrying: e. g. cases with/without backpacks, wheeled cases, ultralight carbon cases for cellos, twin cases for two instruments, double bass cases, bags, covers etc.
To store precious old instruments in style, we offer something very special and hard to find: antique violin cases, exterior restored in fine craftsmanship and interior redone according to modern demands.

Tuning pegs of different qualities, Wittner pegs, cello spikes, bridges of different qualities, nuts, strings, rosin, Notenständer, shoulder rests, metronomes, chin rests, parquet savers of different qualities and many more.